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Hardware overview:

  • Based on atmega328p
  • Communicates with RTI screen, allows to turn it on/off. Configures to use composite input in PAL mode.
  • Communicates with CAN (low speed) using MCP2515 and MCP 2551 (one is CAN transceiver, the other is CAN to SPI bridge chip).
  • Filters the CAN messages and only outputs keypresses from the steering wheel.
  • Has a debug mode where it streams all CAN messages to serial port. Somehow works on the low speed CAN network, probably will not be able to keep up with messages on fast CAN network.
  • Has a relay output to turn off external devices when car is parked.
  • MELBUS sort of works, but Alex's code is not integrated in my repo yet.

Schematics, code and documentation for the 2nd revision:

Vanity pictures:

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